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  Warm Welcome to “Om World Peace Foundation”  

What makes Ravi to start the OM WORLD PEACE FOUNDATION? This is the big question. Yoga Siromani Ravi Arumugam Born in the year 1968, in Madras, India.

Ravi started learning Yoga from his Father (Late) Mr.P.G.Arumugam at the age of 6. As he looking Since he born, his Father Mr.P.G.Arumugam doing every day Yoga. ....... read more ...


Protect the World from Global Warming

Distributing free plants house

Develop institute for the poor people

Free Education to the Poor People

Free Donation Camps

Child & Aged Home, Orphanages and shelter

Food, Cloths, Education to orphans

Establishing advanced technology hospital

Free Yoga Classes & Programmes

Welfare programmes for women and Children
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